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TheraPlay Associates

Educational Services

Theraplay Associates continues to educate professionals, parents, and educators on various topics related to occupational therapy treatment and children. Providing local, state and national inservices allows us to not only inform, but also highlight the relevant and current treatment approaches that are being practiced and initiated by our therapists. We are functional in our approach and fun in our delivery. Theraplay Associates is able to individually tailor inservices to our audience in order to successfully meet their needs.

Example of past inservice topics:

  • Development of Handwriting
  • Behavior versus Sensory: How to successfully address in the classroom?
  • Addressing the individual needs of a child within a classroom setting
  • Making PE fun: A developmental approach to sports
  • Sensory Processing…What does it really mean?

Participant Quotes from past inservices:

“I walked away with numerous strategies to implement immediately.” – educator from a Preschool inservice

“Who knew that swinging on swings was such hard work? I have a new found respect for the activities that our kids do in therapy.”– educator from a Preschool inservice

“We were singing, dancing, laughing and learning. I can’t think of a better way to make it sink in!” – educator from a Preschool inservice

“Ashley spoke human terms that I could understand. I appreciate her positive outlook and creative strategies for my family.” – parent at a parent support group inservice

For additional information regarding scheduling an inservice, please contact Ashley Civello, MA, OTR at