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What to Expect

Following an initial referral for occupational therapy services, the family will be contacted for an initial intake interview. It is during this in depth process where we gather information in an effort to better determine if the child is appropriate for an occupational therapy evaluation. An occupational therapy evaluation or consultation will be scheduled if deemed necessary. Initial evaluations typically last a minimum of one and a half hours at the clinic. Depending on the needs of the child, evaluations may also incorporate a classroom observation. Approximately one week following the evaluation, a parent meeting will be scheduled to discuss the evaluation results and recommendations. Depending on the course of action determined by the occupational therapist and parents, an estimated length of treatment will be provided at the parent meeting.

We strive to provide evidence based and goal directed therapy services. Our clients are typically re-evaluated every six months in order to establish progress and investigate continued need for therapy services. We continually communicate and consult with other professionals that may be involved on the child’s treatment team; including a speech therapist, physical therapist, teacher, tutor, family members and others closely involved in the care of that child.